Testimonials & Recommendations

Some kind words shared by a few folks I’ve known and worked with…

…as Director/Administrator

I highly recommend Kellan Christopher as a top-notch administrator whose organizational acumen and warm personality made my organization, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, function efficiently and vibrantly. As board president, I had the pleasure of working closely with him for four years.

He made our members feel welcome and supported by getting to know them personally and expressing genuine interest in their creative work.

Kellan expects a lot of himself and his standards of performance are high. He likes a challenge and organizes time well in order to meet deadlines. He relates very well to people of all ages and is particularly at ease with elders.

He’s a natural leader and very comfortable being in charge. I also found him willing to listen to criticism and suggestions, discuss them, and appropriately incorporate them. His own creativity—in performance and in visual arts—means he understands and appreciates others’ creative processes.

These qualities made Kellan a most excellent Center Director and we were very sorry to lose him, but we were grateful for the years he spent with us. He left O’Hanlon Center for the Arts much stronger and better than it had been when he began.


Abby Wasserman

Board President, former, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts

Oh, Kellan, I think you’ve done a terrific job at O’Hanlon and I will miss you. Your technology expertise made EVERYTHING about OHCA online better, easier, more complete and transparent, modern, prettier, and…just BETTER! What a service that alone was!

But in addition you oversaw very major renovations and improvements, and in spite of all the stress that must have come with that, I always found you to be good natured, open and honest, available, and nice. I think O’Hanlon has simply become a better place with you there.


Melinda diSessa

Artist, PhD Philosophy

I’ve so treasured getting to know you. You’ve been fabulous for O’Hanlon and truly embody the “open heart and mind” in the job description. It’s impossible to envision another you coming along.


Suz Lipman

JFCS and Parents Place San Francisco, Mill Valley Community Action Network, Slow Family Online

Kellan, OHCA will not be the same without YOU!  I wish you the very best; know that your enthusiasm and creativity going forward will undoubtedly touch and inspire many others.


Naomi Kubota Lee

wabi-sabi Artist, Facilitator, Exhibit Juror

Kellan is a great light! Such an outstanding person. He was always very kind and supportive of all the artists including myself. He will be sorely missed at the O’Hanlon.


Margery Kreitman

Playwright, Monologist & Solo Performer

Kellan! You and Erma absolutely turned this place around with your energy, enthusiasm, creative ideas, professional approaches. I hope you take with you a great sense of pride for a job well-done. We all will miss your giant contributions to growing the O’Hanlon. I, personally will miss our occasional conversations. You are a good deed in a naughty world, Kellan.

Bernie Weiner


Kellan, we will certainly miss you at O’Hanlon, you have been a steady, positive, energetic and enthusiastic presence –  and very patient indeed with the technical education of the Photo Forum!


Ginna Fleming

Freelance Photographer, O'Hanlon Photo Forum

Thank you Kellan! You and Erma have done a stellar job juggling all things OHCA. I appreciate your warmth, humor, lightness and humor as well as your sense of fairness and professionalism.


Alice M Stern

Mixed Media Artist

…as Technology Consultant

I met Kellan Christopher when we hired him to help us with our nonprofit website, Marin Friends of Ferals. As most of us in our group have little knowledge of web design, we were fortunate to find Kellan to create what we were looking for. He’s especially adept with WordPress but is also knowledgeable in so many other areas relating to computers and technology in general.

I also personally hired Kellan to help me create my Blog. This was a huge undertaking for me since I’m relatively inept when it comes to understanding computers. He breaks it all down into simple steps so people like me can actually “get it.” He’s very patient and kind and he listens. I think Kellan has a real gift for teaching and his knowledge-base is so broad that he’s my go-to guy for any question relating to technology.

Obviously, I highly recommend Kellan if you want a smart, hard worker who knows his stuff.


Janet Williams

Marin Friends of Ferals

…as a Coach/Facilitator

(His) more monumental gift is the way he opens your eyes to your own accomplishments and unlimited potential in a world that sometimes recognizes neither.  His kindness, encouraging words, and thoughtful presentation cocoon themselves around you, creating a safe environment from which a real and positive change in your life can start to occur.

– Zino Macaluso, Los Angeles.


I left my session with a new clarity. His incredible sensitivity allowed him to guide me to just the places I needed to visit. I found the work we did together both exciting and intensely rewarding.

– Tom Stuart


I just wanted to thank you for helping my friend J. so much. You opened a door and gave him a glimpse of what is yet to come, and it is beyond words to hear him so excited about what is out there.  I was about ready to kick his butt through the door, but your method worked much better. Thanks again for using the gift given to you and helping others.

– Shari P, Fernandina Beach, FL


Thanks so much for an outstanding, enlightening, empowering and just plain fantastic session. You helped me realize how far I’ve gone and how much easier I’m making my growth these days. 

– Ken Prigal, St. Croix, USVI


 After my session, I learned many things about myself that were intuitively there, but he got them to the surface. Afterwards I felt happy and serene.

– Pamela Winslow Kashani


(His) words still echo helpfully in my mind, and it’s been weeks since he counseled me. His advice was that meaningful, and his words that deep. A gentle, caring soul, he is also a great communicator.

He also gave me a wonderful bit of advice that helped me to realize how to treat myself right during a painful time. It was very simple, but incredibly effective. I thank him for that.”

– Lindsey Walker, Los Angeles


Thank you again for the guidance and encouragement I received when we met.  It really helped me feel empowered to go ahead and take the leap into trust instead of giving too much credence to some old ideas and tracks. 

It was welcomed news that I wasn’t the only one who felt a little “divergent” and in need of some good old fashioned swimming against the popular current of beliefs.  It was so refreshing to be surrounded with such care and positive vibes.

– Shane McConnell, Los Angeles


Thanks so much for the amazing session today. It was truly what I was needing. It feels like weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. Your guidance really helped to break through some of those emotional and psychological blocks that were frustrating me and that I didn’t know how to discard.

– Victor Ho, Los Angeles