Kellan Christopher

consultant & coach

non-profit arts administrator

multi-phase creative


We are always at choice in how we wish to experience
this creative exercise we call Life on Earth.

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a bit about my work
and creative expression…


Nonprofit Director and Administrator

I recently spent five years as Center Director managing educational and artistic programs at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, just north of San Francisco, where the focus was on nurturing creativity and building community.
I’m currently exploring options for my next big career adventure…

Coach & Consultant

My consulting has evolved from coaching individuals on intuitive development and personal effectiveness into working with organizations to update their digital/online presence, leverage technology and optimize their staff’s full potential.




Artist | Singer | Writer

Performing was my primary focus for the first phase or two of my life. Working as an actor onstage was incredibly fulfilling, although I eventually turned my focus into supporting other people’s expressions of creativity. I still do concert solo work occasionally, and may be returning to acting on stage soon!

I also love printmaking and photography.


Featured Writing

“How to Fly: a guide to remembering”

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